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Everything you need to know about Projects

Vidarbha Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram, Nagpur (VVKA), a trust with registered No. F-2341 (N) under The Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 is affiliated to Akhil Bharatiya Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram, Jashpurnagar that is popularly known as Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram (VKA). The object of VVKA is to generate awareness about their ancestral (Hindu) fold, glorious cultural and religious heritage and to guard them against the anti social and anti national elements which are working very hard to alienate vanavasis from the rest of the society. VVKA is also striving hard to make them self-reliant and self-confident. The tribal areas are generally situated in the remote interior places. Lack of medical and health facilities, and lack of adequate educational facilities are the main obstacles in the developmental process of the Vanavasis. If these are removed, the vanavasis can also go forward along with others . VVKA is, therefore, committed to take up projects for providing medical and health facilities and also for providing facilities for the education of the vanavasi children and adult ill-literates including women.

Categories of Vanavasis

Different categories of vanavasis found in Vidarbha region are Gond, Halba, Pardhan, Halbi, Kanwar, Kolam, Madia, Dhanwar, Korku, Pardhi, Nihal, Andh and Mahadeo-koli etc. Out of these, Kolam and Madia are recognized as primitive tribes. Kolams are concentrated in Yavatmal district and Madia are found in Chandrapur and Gadchiroli districts. Korkus are found in large number in Melghat area of Amravati district.

Work of VVKA

The ultimate object of the VVKA is to keep constant contact with all the 3586 vanavasi villages by promoting educational and health Seva-Prakalp” (service projects) with the help of the dedicated full time workers and the Gram-Samitis”(Village committees) to be established in the villages. 

The following wings of VVKA are working to achieve the target:

Shiksha Vibhag (Educational Wing)

  • Bal Sanskar Kendra (nursery for children)
  • Gram Shiksha Kendra (Single teacher school)
  • Chhatrawas (Hostels)
  • Vachanalaya (Library)

Swasthya Vibhag (Health wing)

  • Chikitsa Kendra (Mobile dispensaries)
  • Arogya rakshak (Village health workers)

"Sanskar" Vibhag (Cultural wing)

The main activities are

  • Shraddha Jagran (Revival of Faith)-Centres for imbibing the importance of the protection of religious and cultural traditions, and revival of the faith.
  • Khelkud (Sports).

Education Wing

Bal Sanskar Kendra

After contacting the vanavasi village an educated person is selected from the village in consultation with the Gram Samiti. She/ He is given training. Such trained teacher starts “Bal Sanskar Kendra” in the village. The tahsil/ district in-charge or the organizing secretary of VVKA gives directions to this teacher from time to time and regular arrangements are made for the training of the teacher. The very fact that large number of young women are participating as teachers in the programme indicates that this programme is becoming popular among mothers and children in the village.

Gram Shiksha Kendra

This programme is implemented to generate liking and attraction of the whole village for education. With this, an arrangement is made for the formal and non-formal education of adults and those children who are not able to go to other places from the village for furthering their education. An educated young youth from the village is selected and trained for teaching and running the school. The educational committee of the VVKA goes to such schools and gives directions to the teachers from time to time. The training workshops once in two months are also arranged for the benefit of the teachers.


This project is continuing right from the establishment of VVKA and is progressing. This project which imbibes community living, self-reliance and simple living also provides the arrangement of education which is very important. Currently there are 6 Chhatrawas running in Vidarbha Region.Many of them have achieved great heights in academic career.


It is not possible for the literate Vanavasis to make the arrangements for the newspapers/periodicals by themselves while safeguarding their self-employment. The libraries have been started for such persons.

Arogya Vibhag (Health wing)

Chikitsa Kendra

Vanavasi brothers live in remote areas. There is lack of communication and medical facilities in these areas for proper maintenance of health. Therefore, the doctors of VVKA and their co-workers go to the village on a fixed day at fixed time and examine the patients and give medicines along with proper instructions in their local language for taking the medicines. This important project is under execution in Pandharkawada Tahsil of Yavatmal district, Melghat area of Amaravati district and Bhadravati Tahsil of Chandrapur district

Arogya Rakshak (Health Worker)

Remotest villages where medical facilities are not available, “Arogyarakshak” (health worker) is provided by VVKA. An enthusiastic educated young person from the village is selected and trained under the guidance of the reputed & competent medical pratitioner. Such trained persons have been provided with a box of medicines. They give required medicines to the patients as a first aid till the patient is able to get treatment by the VVKA doctor at the mobile dispensary on appointed day. Arogyarakshak also reaches to the mobile dispensary where the doctors solve their difficulties if there are any. and replace the medicines which are consumed during the week. There is a regular training cum workshop once in two months.

Sanskar Vibhag (Cultural wing)

Shraddha Jagaran (Revival of Faith)

The villagers come together weekly for traditional “Bhajan”. In this congregation the workers of VVKA make the villagers aware about the importance of the unity in the village, education, and cleanliness, He also tries to imbibe the importance of the protection of traditional cultural and religious values.

Khelkud (Sports)

Vanavasi young boys and girls have inherent talent,capacity, skill. and strength for sports. These characters needs to be nourished so that they are capable of taking part in national and international sport events thereby bringing glory to our nation in sports activities. “Khelkud Pramukh” of klayan ashram keeps contacts with the vanavasi villages and brings youths together, trains them in different games and athletics. After training, these youths go to their villages and start “Khelkud Kendras” for the boys and girls in the village. In addition to sports, the boys attending “Khelkud Kendra” are made aware about the richness of our culture and traditions imbibing in them national character and leadership qualities so that they are capable of serving at least their village and village community in future. Sports competitions are held at Tahsil,District and regional levels of Vidarbha region. A team of winners in different sports and athletics is sent to “Eklavya Khelkud Spardha”- All India Sports Meet specially arranged for vanavasi competitors by Akhil Bharatiya Kalyan Ashram In 1995-96 the national competition was held at Udaypur, Rajastan in which Vidarbha got three gold, and three bronze medals. In 1999-2000 National competition was arranged at Amaravati . In this Vidarbha bagged silver medal in Marathon and two archery competitors were selected for intensive training by The Sports Authority of India. In 2000-2001,the national competition was held at Ranchi. In this ,Vidarbha got silver medal in 42 km. Marathon and bronze medals in Kabaddi and 400m. running All these achievements are due to regular running of “Khelkund Kendras”