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Kalyan Ashram Situation and Birth

The country was faced with a critical situation in some parts, specially what is known as Madhya Pradesh today. Some elements, who instigated the local population, predominantly tribals,had not reconciled that India was free and were conspiring to fragment the country further and carve out an independent Christian country comprising Chhota Nagpur (Bihar), part of M.P,Orissa and West Bengal with the help of some divisive forces, which were responsible for the partition of the country. The tribes, mostly Christian converts, under the tutelage of Christian missionaries grew so hostile to the authority of free India that when late Pandit Ravi Shankar Shukla the then Chief Minister of the then C.P. & Berar Province toured the tribal area, he was greeted with the black flags & cries of ‘Jai Jesus’, in response to ‘Jai Hind‘ from the dais.

To meet this dangerous situation late Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, Ravi Shankar Shukla and Thakkar Bapa devised an action plan. Thakkar Bapa’s choice fell on one young freedom fighter and advocate of Nagpur, Ramakant Keshav Deshpande popularly known as Balasaheb Deshpande for implementing the plan in the eastern part of the province Jasgpur Nagar, an erstwhile princely state, which had just merged with the Union of India and was the storm centre of the separatist movement. He was appointed by the provincial government with special powers to look after tribal welfare work in the area.

Young Deshpande showed remarkable results in a couple of years. Within a year, he was able to open 110 schools in the area and his other welfare innovations coupled with helpful administrative measures, the atmosphere of hostility turned into that of tranquility.